This blog is a record of my life as the Lord shepherds me through His will. It is a testament to the lessons I learn, or attempt to learn.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just One of Those Days

The day started out so well.  I got up, got the kids ready to go, and headed out for some play time with the cousins.  The ride was nice and I was able to talk with my mom most of the way.  We discussed our plans for the upcoming kids consignment sale, and we spoke with excitement.  Once we arrived to Jen's house, Ilijah jumped out of the car ecstatically as I awkwardly attempted to balance Izabella and all of our things on our way to the door.  So began our play time.  I think Ilijah most enjoyed all of Ezra's cars.  That kid has a whopping collection of cars, trucks, and trains!  He also seemed to really enjoy his short stint outside in their massive backyard.  I can't wait till the day we have our own . . . but that is another story for another time.  After lunch and play time was over, we gathered our belongings and headed home.   

As we arrived home, the wonderful day began to turn sour.  Ilijah went down for his nap, or so I thought, and Izabella came with me upstairs as I attempted to do the same.  Ten minutes into my snooze time, I hear Ilijah banging at the door and yelling for me.  Since this was his first infraction, I simply went down and spoke with him and made it absolutely clear exactly what would happen if he did not settle down and take his nap.  Remember, this is his only nap for the day, since we joined the family earlier for play time.  At this point, I thought that he would have been exhausted.  Unfortunately, over the next two hours, I had to give him consequences six times.  Needless to say, he never took his nap, and neither did I.  All the while, Izabella decided that she was going to throw her very own temper tantrum as if it was the end of the world.  Finally, Jacob came home, late, and decided he would attempt to get Ilijah into bed himself.  After the fourth time, it was finally time for dinner.

During all of the excitement with the kids, I found out that my dream house is pending another offer.  I was crushed.  This is where that whole big backyard thing came into play.  It was the perfect house for our family.  Exactly what we needed and at the most incredible price.  But we hesitated, and we let it slip away.  Enough about the house, I will write a separate post another time.

After dinner, Jacob and I caught in a quick episode of Lost before he headed out again to go play ball with the college boys.  I had planned on joining the girls for ladies night as well, but since Ilijah had yet to fall asleep, plans changed.  Again, Izabella decided to go off on another tangent at the very same time that Ilijah dumped out his toy box all over the living room floor.  I lost it.  I admit it, I was upset.  Things were falling apart at the seems and I was weary.  My kids must have picked up on my distress because Izabella began laughing and cooing, and Ilijah commenced to singing to me.  At this moment, I remembered just how blessed I was.  Thank you Lord for how you continuously provide for me. 

Have you had a day like this recently?  


  1. Believe are not alone! You are wise to see God's blessing through all the chaos=) You are such a good mommy. It was good to see you yesterday!

  2. Sorry about the house not working out. I am sure an even better one will come along! Hope tomorrow is a better day!