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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Going Comando!

This morning, we are trying a BOOTCAMP tactic for potty training. Ilijah has been bare butt naked all morning, and has only had one accident so far. I read this tactic on one of the parenting websites and just thought that it was a good way for Ilijah to see cause and effect. Now let me preface this with the fact that this is not our first attempt at potty training. I don't think that I would start with this technique. We have worked on potty training subtly and have had good success, but now I feel he is ready to dive in and go for gold! We will see how long this tactic will last for us, but after potty training a puppy for a short while, I CAN HANDLE ANYTHING!


  1. Good luck!! My mom had me potty trained when had one accident in my "pretty girl panties"

  2. That's how we did it with too...kind of. Summer time potty training is the best. We just let them run around outside buck naked all day with the pool and they'd always let me know when they had to go because they didn't want to get it on themselves.

    Way to go guys and good luck=)