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Friday, September 23, 2011

Bella Update

As my little Bella's second birthday approaches, I am giddy about the changes I have seen in her even just over the past month as she grows in to toddlerhood.  Here are a few highlights about my little BellaBoo:

- She is so much girlier than her mom, but it is so fun for me!

- She has a new obsession with all things horses

- She loves makeup and purses and sparkly shoes (shoes in general)

- Whenever we dress her, she always has to spin and show us how pretty she is

- She has decided to take on potty training herself, and she is doing an amazing job at it!

- She copies almost everything her older brother does, but in such a girly & petite way

- When she is on the potty and I ask her if she is done, she says "Not quite yet" or "Still poopin, Mom" just like Ilijah does only in a little soft precious voice

- She tries to manipulate Ilijah and Daddy by wrapping them around her little pinky . . . and it often works, with Dad at least

- This girl will eat almost anything and especially loves meat.  You would never look at her and guess that she eats as much as she does with as little as she is.

- Ivangeline is not far from her in size.  In fact, we have already begun to mix up their clothes a time or two.  The sad thing is that Bella still fits in a majority of Ivangeline's clothes.

- Bella loves her dresses.  She will do anything in a dress.

- She loves to go shopping with her momma, but then misses the rest of her family about an hour into shopping.

- She hates to be away from her Family.  Whenever anyone leaves, she bursts into tears.  This has been a source of frustration a time or two as we have been called to come and get her from class on Sundays.  But we love our time together as much as she does.

- She LOVES her sleep.  She has no problem taking time out for sleep, and she knows when she is ready.  She will even grab her blanket and head to her room herself if need be.

- She is quirky in every sense of the word. She has the cutest little oddness about her.

- In that same sense, she is 100% her momma's girl.  Jacob loves seeing me in her.  I often have to ask if that is a bad thing and if there are things we need to work on.

- She likes to smother you with kisses when you are disciplining her.

- She is a snuggler.  She gets that from her aunty whom is appropriately named "Snuggles".

- She learns fast as she watches Ilijah.

- She wants to be a teenager.

- She is ready to play volleyball already, and this momma is happy!

- At times she doesn't like having her picture taken, but she loves seeing the pictures when I do manage to catch her in the mood. (one time she even took a swipe at the camera, and I have never seen her do anything like that)

- She is feisty!

- She loves to talk and sing and pray.

- Her favorite song to sing is "Jesus Loves Me"

- She can say her "ABC's", count to ten & count every other number.

- She has named her stuffed horse "Dean" (Not sure where that came from, but I love it)

- She likes to color.

- She eats much and drinks little, which is the opposite of her brother.

- She likes to bite my ear as a silly sign of affection.

- She is traditionally shy around others, but is not innately a shy person.  The girl can get crazy.

- She is a dancer, and you can often find her dancing and singing "Shake it, Shake it"

- She is a little mess of energy.

- The child is messy when she eats, but tidy when it comes to cleaning up.

- We have to work with her the most on selfishness.  Her brother is a bit more tender hearted than she is.

- She has the most captivating blue eyes.

- Her smile will literally melt your heart.

The Lord has blessed us abundantly with this little one.  And I just love watching her grow.  Can't wait to see how the Lord uses her for His Kingdom one day!

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  1. I love your updates! We enjoyed the time with your family at Vacation; I love the time with my nieces and nephews!