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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Better Late than Never! Christmas Pictures!

Ilijah's excited about celebrating Christmas! 

New dinosaurs!

Snowman pancakes at Meme's house.

Bella looking forward to her breakfast, Ivangeline 
still a little sleepy, and Meme cooking in the background.

Even the dinosaurs got in on the goodness.

Now for some good 'ol gingerbread decorating!

Ilijah delegating to Bella.


The finished product.

Some quick shots taken in front of Nana and Papa's red barn.

These "set up and run into" shots are not my forte. Ha

The only shot she would let me get.

Again, not my forte, but hey, we have to get one together at least once in a while.

I did get quite a few good ones of Bella, but . . . this one is still my favorite.

And Imaani baby.
Notice Jacob's hand keeping her from rolling down the hill?

Cousins sporting their new jammers at Nana and Papa's.

Cute little booties.

Back at Meme and Poppee's house, the cousins are enjoying a dream light party!

Bella-boo about to fall asleep with her penguin.

My niece, Hannah, trying to feed me mid shoot. Cute!

Imaani, Daddy, and Poppee enjoying some rest time.

Merry Christmas!

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