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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Just For Meme!

So, Meme finally got on me for not posting a blog in over two weeks . . . oops.  Life has just been crazy lately as we try to get our house on the market and as Jacob and I have been doing a drama series for the Hosea series at Two|Four.  No excuses anymore though.  So here is what I have in store for you all today.  Tasha just posted a blog about "If the kid's could have it their way they would..."  So, I thought I would write about my kids as well.  Here goes . . . (they are mostly about Ilijah, but I will write both if it applies to both of them)

. . . eat fruit bars, crackers, pizza and fish sticks all day everyday
. . . watch the movie Cars non-stop all day everyday
. . . drink a gallon of juice a day
. . . run around naked (both)
. . . take a bath before every nap and night time (both)
. . . climb on the countertops while pushing all of the buttons on the appliances
. . . pull all of the toys out and spread them all over the floor
. . . loves to pick on his sister and make her cry, but he also loves to comfort her when she does
. . . hang out with everyone all day and never have to have alone time (both)
. . . Izabella would watch Praise Baby all the time
. . . pick mom's nose
. . . climb all over mom
. . . jump from couch to couch and scare mom to death
. . . wrestle with dad all day
. . . follow mom wherever she goes
. . . steal toys from the kids room at church
. . . play outside all the time whether warm or freezing cold
. . . play in the ice maker
. . . play with the computer
. . . play with dad's iPhone
. . . play with mom's rechargeable battery pack
. . . play with pens
. . . play with mom's hair
. . . walk around with his toothbrush
. . . never have to eat in the highchair


  1. Thanks so much Keesha. I love hearing from you and what is going on with your gang. I agree with all the about with a couple more:
    - hang out at MeMe and Poppee's all day everyday
    - eat popsicles with Poppee all day everyday
    - play on playground at MeMe and Poppee's house
    - play hide and seek with MeMe: BOO!

  2. Hehehe, you came up with some good ones!! I am glad MeMe got on you about your extended blogging hiatus, cause I have been patiently waiting as well :) Keep it up, Keesh; I am looking forward to your blogs!!