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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What in this world!

Okay, so I know that couponing is amazing.  I understand the benefits of it, and I know that if you have the time, you can really score big with it.  BUT WHO KNEW YOU COULD DO THIS?!?!?

This is a pic of a ladies FREE stash for 1 months worth of couponing!

  • 56 Power toothbrushes

  • 84 Toothpastes (2 different brands)

  • 28 Mouthwashes

  • 97 Shampoos (3 different brands)

  • 66 Tampons

  • 88 Pantyliners

  • 22 Pads

    And if you think that is good, check out this story from her blog :  Go to the bottom of this article and read the story about the diapers.  It will blow your mind!

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