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Monday, August 23, 2010

For the Family: Christmas List

Since we are all tight on money and could use a bit of help saving for the Holidays, I have decided to go ahead and start my Christmas shopping early.  Not that Christmas is about the gifts.  As a matter of fact, Jacob and I have decided to go ahead and keep our family gifts to a minimum so as not to take away from what we are really celebrating, Christ's birth.  We have decided that Christmas presents will be a good way to set money aside to get our children things that they need, and not so much things that they "WANT."  Plus, it is kind of nice to be able to give that "fun" gift giving opportunity to the Grandparents.  Either way, I want my children growing up loving any gift they receive.  I want them to be ecstatic over receiving the things they really need since it is truly a blessing.  It is nice to receive things that are fun, but it is even sweeter knowing that they have all of the things that they need to really enjoy life.

All of this being said, I want to let our family know the things we need as a family for Christmas.  So, here goes, this is the official Via family Christmas list:

- New Via Baby -
- A fuzzy blanket to match Bella and Ilijah's (we will find out tomorrow whether we will be having a boy or a girl, so this will help with colors!)
- White onesies long sleeve and short (you can never have too many of these)
- Money to purchase a swing and a new bouncy play gym at the consignment sale
- Diapers, diapers, and more diapers in all sizes!
- Wipes
- Formula for just in case

- And, an electronic piggy bank
- Money for savings

- Bella -
- A new car seat!
- Diapers size 3/4
- Buddy Fruits (these are a new find that my kids just love! they come in a small bag with a lid on it that you suck out of.  they are all natural and no sugar added)
- Finger foods that are easy on-the-go
- Sippy Cups that are actually spill proof
- Some books on CD
- Educational DVDs
- Clothing is always much appreciated sizes 6-12 months (hopefully, she is still in 3-6 months now)
- Soft shoes since she will be walking
- And, an electronic piggy bank
- Money for savings

- Ilijah -
- Big boy undies!
- Socks
- Clothes as well, size 2T
- Books on CD
- Educational DVDs
- Workbooks
- Bob reading books
- Anything school related (we will probably begin setting up a home school section in their room)
- Sippy Cups
- And, an electronic piggy bank
- Money for savings

- Keesha -
- Curtain rods for our room (it really doesn't matter what they look like, I just want to be able to hang my curtains : )
- Vacuum
- Duvet cover (anything in a natural shade) This is a want, not a necessity.
- Baskets for organizing
- Clear large storage containers for closets
- Anything that helps declutter a house (not sure what that is, I just want a simple house)
- Nice fabrics, buttons, ribbons etc. to make clothes and pillows and other items
- Cleaning supplies, esp carpet cleaners
- Money for Women's Retreat & Passion Conference
- Money to go towards Dental fees
- And, an electronic piggy bank
- Money for savings

- Jacob -
- Office supplies, computer paper, ink, etc.
- Books
- Clothes
- Money for Men's Retreat & Passion Conference
- Macbook Pro 15"
- iTunes gift card (for all his videos)
- Basketball/running shoes
- Graphic Tee Shirts size medium
- Flip Flops

- Gift Cards -
- Gap or Old Navy
- Target
- Walmart
- T.J. Maxx
- Harris Teeter
- Lowe's
- Gas Cards
- Little Caesars
- Taco Bell
- McDonald's 

Okay Family, hope this helps!  I know you all are working hard to save some money too!  Love you!  Can't wait to all be together for Joy's wedding soon!


  1. Thanks Keesha. This is great. And early too.
    You win the prize for the first Christmas list given. Can't wait to see you for the wedding.

  2. Keesha, I am very proud of you and your Christmas list!! Way to give a good list...and early too!!