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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Oh My Lanta!

This was the look on my face  j u s t  before I, well, you will have to read on to discover my unfortunate fate.

I was feeling so exhausted earlier that I decided it would be a GREAT idea to let the kids have some room time for them selves while mommy rested a bit. 

Everything seemed to be going swimmingly.  The kids were getting along.  I heard playing and laughter.  I was able to get in a good nap.  Then, I heard Bella fussing a little bit, and I kind of knew what that meant.  It meant that Ilijah must have fallen asleep, because, frankly, her world is pretty much perfect when her brother is around. 

Sure enough! 

I came down to the room to check on the kids, and Ilijah was sleeping soundly on his bed.  Sweet, I thought.  But it was at that very moment that a strong odor began to saturate my poor pregnant proboscis.  I chalked it up to a poopy diaper, and then proceeded to take Bella on downstairs. 

When I made it down the steps, I noticed the foul smell was not coming from her diaper, but rather her HANDS!  Oh my LANTA came to my mind, and then I began investigating. 

Why did her hands smell so bad?  Where was this coming from?  She doesn't have a poopy.  Her clothes are intact, and for the most part, everything seems normal.  What is going on? 

I cleaned up her hands as best I could, and made a mad dash back up the stairs to further investigate.  That is when the above mentioned picture came into play.  There, in the middle of the kids' floor was one of Ilijah's pull ups with poop all up in it.  Around the pull up was poop everywhere! 

Needless to say, I made a mad dash back out of the room and into the bathroom . . . you can fill in the rest of this scenario with your own imagination. 

Now, Ilijah is still sleeping, and he is under his covers, so I still have no clue if the pull up on the floor is the one he was wearing, or if Jacob or I simply forgot to properly dispose of one previously.  What I do know, is that I CANNOT GO BACK INTO THAT ROOM. 

Poor Jacob has to come home from work and immediately get to work on one of THE most disgusting things I have yet encountered as a parent.  But I tried.  I fought twice to go back into that lugubrious
room to undertake the vile duty of cleansing the filthy sewage, and both instances, the circumstances were the same. 

I am weak, I admit.  However, I do have the unfortunate "gift" of the almighty pregnancy proboscis!  Which I believe is much more of a curse.  This "gift" is so dissatisfactory, that I can smell things almost 10x more potant than usual.  Uggh it is just simply awful.

As I wallow in self pity, I ask my self, "Has anyone else encountered a similar fate one unsuspecting afternoon?"  I do have to look on the upside, however.  At least I made it to the bathroom.


  1. I believe Kelly had a similar experience with Kayil, while she was pregnant with Karis? Remember, she posted a nice picture of Kayil in her bed with the diaper and poop everywhere and I do mean everywhere. Sorry you had to encounter that today. =/

  2. Yup, we encountered a very similar incident just moments before we were having friends over for lunch. Areyna and Zeke decided that it would be fun to "play" with it and smear it all over their toys, in the carpet and each other...awesome...

    Sorry you had to go through that today, but just be forewarned, there is probably more where that came from as you keep adding babies to the bunch, ha!

  3. Oh. Boy, Keesha!! Yes, Danielle is right, we have definitely had a poop incident in this family! Your face is priceless; I am sure that was so hard for you!! Poop accidents are just so gross.

  4. Yep. You are not alone =) Just last week Ezra was playing with a pile of deer poop in the yard calling them "blueberries"...sigh.

  5. Oh I forgot, Zeke ate dog poop at a conference one time...awesome!