This blog is a record of my life as the Lord shepherds me through His will. It is a testament to the lessons I learn, or attempt to learn.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Yeah, It's One Of Those Days

Today is just one of those days.  A list of things to do a mile and a half long.  The never ending nag of things past due, things needing to be done, and things yet to come.  If I make it through this day without procrastinating, it will be a miracle.

How do things creep up on you so quickly?  I mean, that is an oxymoron right?  Creeping up quickly.  It feels as though I just did all of that laundry, and I just cleaned the kids entire room.  What happened to my squeaky clean bathroom?  Oh my.  Discouragement settles in.

But, I WILL conquer this day!  Just knowing the fortitude of other mothers I have out there backing me as I go into battle will help me fight the good fight.  I also know that I have God on my side, and that in the end, a squeaky clean home isn't necessarily what He needs from me at this moment.  Oh my, it is good to know that I can rest in Him.  Starting to calm down.  Thank you Lord for letting me cast all of my cares upon you.  Thank you for making this world mean so much more than a mundane meaningless morning.  Praise be to you God for your glory endures forever.


  1. Here's one of the mothers that has your back, Keesh! You sure can conquer this day! Kick discouragement in the booo-tay! You have the top priority right - Focusing on God! Then He will help us tackle that at a time (or, whatever else He wants our day to consist of!) Because hey! We can have a successful day even IF that laundry doesn't get touched, right!

    Love you Keesha!

  2. This is a mother-in-law that has your back also.
    I believe in you sweetie and I know that you have the most important things top priority: your relationship with your God, your husband and your children. I am praying for you today.